Prostate massage techniques are divided into two main categories. Internal and external prostate massage. In order to achieve the maximum out of a massage process, it always good to have this procedure carried out through internal penetration.

Prostate massage is very intense and at the same time quite a healthy procedure of which any man who is keen on maintaining their prostate health. It should be performed on a regular basis. It is usually quite a task to convince a man to have this procedure, but when does, he will definitely love it.

The main idea behind prostate massage or milking is that it always aims to keep a constant flow of blood and eventually releases seminal fluid in the form of an ejaculation. For those men who are not comfortable with anal penetration, a perineum massage can come in as a handy option. For those who do not know the perineum, it is a small patch of skin that sits in between the anus and the testicles.

Tips On Proper Prostate Massage Techniques

The perineum is usually a soft spot which can be gently pressed down and indirectly to stimulate the prostate. For internal massage, one has to be very careful when carrying out the procedure as it is highly sensitive though mind blowing for a man.

When carrying out proper prostate massage techniques, you first need to insert your finger or your partners into your anus, a prostate massage therapist can do this as well. Once the finger is in the anus, gently and slowly move deeper about an inch until you touch the prostate which is usually in form of a walnut. This should be done after the testicles have been massaged in a gentle manner, areas such as the perineum and areas around the anus can also be massaged with lubricating oil. The main aim of this is to get a man into an erotic mood. It is important to wear gloves for precautionary purposes especially for people with long nails. This is to avoid any injuries during the penetration process. Before insertion of fingers into the anus, enough lubrication must be used to make movement along the passage easy.